Thursday, October 1, 2009

Are you completely STOKED about St James Art Fair?

I can tell you Team Tyler- St James sure is. Tonight we got up almost 40 signs in Old Louisville alone! And we unveiled the new Tyler for Mayor shirts that are pretty fierce (See pic)

If you haven't met Tyler before, or you just want to catch up with him -this weekend is your chance! He'll be out at St James Court Art Show starting at 2pm-6pm Friday, 10am-6pm on Saturday, and 10am-5pm on Sunday. Now we won't have a booth, so you'll just have to look for the good-looking and forward-thinking folks that will be wearing these fancy black t-shirts!

When you come out, be prepared to tell Tyler what issues are important to YOU. Tyler is a great listener and what YOU have to say is IMPORTANT to unleashing our city's future! We're hoping you'll be feeling kinda Hollywood, too. Cause we'll have a couple FLIP VIDEO cameras to record what you have to say and upload your performance on the Tyler Allen for Mayor Youtube channel after the Fair.

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