Thursday, April 29, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

There is a better way.

Friday, April 23, 2010

We Need to Invest in the Future.

More Pix From Thunder!

All these awesome photos are compliments of photographer Joey Wilkinson, pro-bono!

Tyler Allen Caring about Southwest Issues

Councilman Rick Blackwell hosted a mayoral forum focusing on Southwest Louisville issues on April 20th. As you can see, it was PACKED, and Tyler stayed until then. The pic with janitor, not staged. He's always the last one to leave. All these awesome photos are compliments of photographer Joey Wilkinson, pro-bono!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We can do better

Tyler Allen and a couple staffers made it to St. Louis Monday morning, and this is what they discovered:

Monday, April 19, 2010

GLABSE Mayoral Forum

The Greater Louisville Alliance of Black School Educators hosted a mayoral forum tonight. They are the local affiliate of the National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE). Founded in 1970, NABSE is a non-profit organization that is devoted to furthering the academic success of the nation's children, especially those children of African descent. The organization has 5,000 members, with nearly 100 local affiliates.

The purpose of GLABSE is to improve, promote, and facilitate the education of all students, and particularly Black students; to establish a coalition of Black educators and others directly or indirectly involved in the educaitonal process; to create a forum for the exchange of ideas and strategies to improve education for Black students; to influence public policy concerning the education of Black People.

3 County Clerk's Offices Open for Last Minute Registration!

There are three County Clerk's offices open until 6:30 pm for you to drop off your registration cards! They are:

200 Juneau, Middletown

View Larger Map

4919 Dixie Highway, Shively

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7505 Outer Loop

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For more information, check out the Clerk's office site: LINK

Old Louisville Mayoral Forum

Tyler was one of 9 candidates that made it to the forum yesterday hosted by The Chapel of St. Phillips on Woodbine St. in Old Louisville. What was really neat about this forum is that the vast majority of the attendees came on foot. A sustainable, walkable inner-city neighborhood- So inspiring!

Media coverage of the event:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Team Tyler Cookout Photos

Our cookout today was pretty awesome. Thanks to the volunteers that showed up this morning to deliver signs, and to all the folks that stopped by for our cookout during the Air Show. And campaigning in the crowd was just too much fun. We host so many people from all over the region, it's something to certainly be proud of. Definitely a good day overall. Here's a little video we put together with some volunteers today:

And here's a few pictures, too. Apparently there's a competition on who is the official campaign dog. Contestants so far, Violet and Boomer!

More pictures from Joey Wilkinson to follow soon!

4.18.2010 Update:
Fox41 was able to find Tyler in the crowd: Link

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

For whom the bridge tolls...

"...We need something different, and I need your help to send a powerful message that the future of Louisville can be better and smarter. I need your help on May 18th. A vote for Tyler Allen for mayor of the city of Louisville will bring us that different future..."

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where were the OTHER candidates this morning?

Only one Democratic mayoral candidate took the time to attend the Bi-State Tolling Authority Meeting this morning. That candidate was Tyler N. Allen.

Why, would only one candidate be making a stand at the monthly meeting of the most important issue facing our community? What the heck is up with that? We're not saying that have to actually take a courageous stand, how about just showing up...too much to ask? Pictured here is Tyler with 8664 co-founder J.C. Stites at this mornings meeting. Pictured up top, well, we don't have to tell you who those cats are.

Louisville needs a mayor that will stand up to powerful interests, and not just another scaredy-cat.

Check out what the media is saying:
Fox 41
Courier Journal
Louisville Business First
Immediately following the Authority meeting, Tyler was in the live audience of the WFPL State of Affairs show on West Louisville:
"What West Louisville needs, we need Renaissance. And we need vision in our leadership. Only Tyler Allen & Burrell Farnsley are here today!" - Martina Kunnecke, speaking on the air.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We just got heads up from Louisville Grows that Sarah Wolff, who organizes volunteers for the Olmsted Conservancy that takes care of the parks in Louisville, needs our help!

The Conservancy has HUNDREDS of saplings that need to be planted tomorrow or they will perish. If you have any time tomorrow, an hour, an half-hour, whatever, please please please call her. The planting will be at Cherokee park and all the species are native. She will be there from 8am-4:30pm

Sarah Wolff: 502-432-2677

Don't let tonight's rain deter you - the rain only makes the soil easier to dig. And plus, if you help you might be able to take some trees home with you and these are the good ones.


Thanks in large part to our sitting Metro Council (See R-127-07-09), the Bi-State Authority believes they can legally create tolls on existing bridges to finance the misguided Ohio River Bridges Project. Instead, let's chart a new future for our community that involves respecting existing neighborhoods and modern mass transit, for example.

If you're interested in attending the Bi-State Authority meeting that's being held tomorrow (Thursday, April 8), meet up with us at 8:30 am at our campaign headquarters, 600 E. Main St, for coffee, donuts and informal discussion.

Then we'll carpool over and make our voice heard. If you have something to tell the "Authority," they're saying they'll let anyone that wants to speak have up to 5 minutes to do so. So write down your thoughts and come prepared! facebook event: LINK

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's next with the Bi-State Authority?

"...What Allen, Green and (to a lesser extent) White understand that their better-polling peers do not is that the bridges project isn’t just about bridges: It encompasses more elements of mayoral purview than any of the other manufactured “issues” that have so far dominated this race..." - Jonathan Meador, LEO Weekly

When we saw Jonathan show up to cover the last NPP meeting, we knew a fiery follow-up would ensue. Go to HERE for his entire coverage of the event that was hosted at St. Joseph's in Butchertown just over a week ago.

So what's next?...Well, we figured since the Bi-State (TOLLING) Authority is MAKING DECISIONS ON THE MOST VITAL ISSUE FACING LOUISVILLE'S FUTURE, it would be kind of important to attend the meeting.

We are hosting a coffee and donut reception at our campaign headquarters, 600 E. Main St. (the old Billy Goat Strut Building), Thursday from 8:30 am- 9am, then we'll be carpooling to New Albany to attend the meeting that starts at 10 am and supposed to be over by Noon. If you want to carpool with us, by all means come on down. (Candidate or party affiliation doesn't matter!) RSVP on facebook if ya wanna see who else is coming: LINK

Monday, April 5, 2010

Pictures from Easter Parade

IMG_5310, originally uploaded by tyler4mayor.

More pictures on the campaign flickr: LINK
Or of course, they're also on facebook: LINK

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Campaign excitement! Be a part of it!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend! We sure had an amazing presence at the Easter Parade Saturday. Pictures and video will be up on the blog in the coming days! So here's what's next - We have three major projects this week in which we need your help!:

Our most ambitious project is a full-on effort Monday-Wednesday to get out a heck-ton of signs to people that we know want them already. We need folks willing to work in the headquarters putting together routes on the google map machine, also actually putting together, as well as volunteers to deliver them all over town. Stop in the office Mon-Wed 9 am-6 pm to help with this very vital project!
facebook event link:

Second, we want to do some canvassing of the Highlands Tues-Thursday afternoons.
facebook event link:

Third, we'd like to have some supporters join us Thursday morning to carpool to the Bi-State Tolling Authority meeting at IUS. We're meeting at the headquarters Thursday morning at 8:30 am. There will be donuts and coffee, of course! There's a twist to this that we'll be filling you in on Thursday morning.
facebook event link:

For more info, contact our volunteer coordinator:
Curtis Morrison
Tyler Allen for Mayor
600 E. Main St.
Louisville, KY 40202
502.742.8252 (headquarters)
502.403.9498 (cell)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

J-town Awesomeness

Following this mornings Easter Parade (Extensive media to follow in coming days), Tyler made it out to the Jeffersontown EasterFest where Radio Disney was entertaining the kiddos with music, games and prizes. Tyler's business, USA Image Technologies, is actually located in J-town.

More than one supporter brought to Tyler's attention that a huge factor in Louisville's economic challenges is the lack of an East-end bridge. One lady we talked to said that her friends and family in Ohio and California have inquired to her what's wrong with Louisville because we can't seem "to finish our expressway." There's a clear consensus, like Tyler's said all along, to "Build the East End Bridge Now," and the only way that can happen is if we elect leadership that cares what ALL Louisvillians have to say, and are not beholden to the voices of only a few.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Gallery Hop Awesomeness

Made it to the Derby Hop. Here Tyler is pictured with gallery-owner and supporter, Chuck Swanson. Also made it to Kentucky Museum of Arts and Crafts, and the Urban Design Studio. After a great night at the hop, this was Tyler's tweet:
"this city is way cool on trolley hop night... east market would be wrecked by 15 yrs of construction for a 23 lane wide spaghetti junction"
We simply can't allow that to happen. There is a better way.