Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Election Day!

Jud & Jane in the Big-Rig

Our groovy mayoral candidate, Tyler Allen, is out talking to voters this morning. He'll be voting himself at Chenoweth Elementary at 10 am, btw, if you want to catch up with him.

In the meantime, the HQ is hoppin'! Tyler's pastor, Jud Hendrix, and friend Jayne Culp (Today's her birthday!), just disembarked on their mission of driving the Tyler Big-Rig about town. I told them to head to Dixie Highway but I'm hoping they are thoughtful and go get us some donuts first. A big truckload of donuts. Yes. I don't know what Jud's doing with his fingers. I think it's a TA? Or a peace sign with a T.

If you have anytime to volunteer today, just stop by the headquarters. Also, we still need a Big-Rig drivers for 2 shifts- 1230-230 & 230-430! Call HQ if this is you- 502-742-8252.

Finally, don't forget our election return party tonight. It will be from 7-10 pm at BBC, 636 East Main Street, beside our HQ. Peace.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Crunch-time Video Share!

We need you to share this video with EVERYONE on your email list. Together, we can MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Also, here's a link to a light Q&A that Tyler did with louisville.com: LINK

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Crunch-time Saturday Craziness

Tyler started the day at Joni Jenkins Breakfast of Champions in Shively.
@tyler4mayor at the Joni Jenkins Breakfast of Champions on Twitpic

Here's why a couple folks at today's Butchertown Art Fair are voting for Tyler Allen for Mayor:

And some pictures:

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tyler Allen Weekend!

There's some really strange things going on over at the Courier Journal, check this out: thevillevoice.com

How much last-minute media we can do, depends on you. Shoot us a quick, painless $100, or $25 if that's all you can afford: LINK

Here's our schedule for what's up the next couple days. Join us where you can.

FRIDAY, May 14

Team Tyler Canvassing Shively 5-7 pm, Meet at Burger King, 3930 Dixie Highway

Team Tyler Canvassing Valley Station 6-8 pm, Meet at McDonalds, 10411 Dixie Highway


Team Tyler at State Rep. Joni L. Jenkins Breakfast of Champions: 9:00 am at Chapel Hill United Church of Christ, Shively.

Team Tyler Head Over Heels 2010 BIAK Walk: 9 am, The Belvedere

Team Tyler Canvassing Iroqouis: 12-2 pm, Meet at Little Ceasars- 816 West Kenwood Drive

Team Tyler Canvassing Buechel: 1-3 pm, Meet at Starbucks, 3401 Bardstown Road

Team Tyler Booth at Butchertown Art Fair: 11 am- 5 pm. Stop in for a 2 hour shift when you can! There will be a T-shirt in it for you!

Sunday, May 16

Join us at Headquarters to organize for Monday/Tuesday GOTV, or pick up leftover canvassing materials and hit the streets for us! Call Curt to see when we'll be doing this.

Call Curt Morrison for more info, 502-742-8252, 502-403-9498, or email curt@tylerformayor.com

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bridges Press Conference

8664 released the results of their Mayoral Candidate Transportation Questionnaire today! Check it out at 8664.org. Lookie how they organized the responses in a table that clearly show Tyler Allen is the most-visionary candidate in the race. We didn't ask them to do this, either. It just works out like that, because, well, you know, he is.

Incidentally, Tyler Allen was actually talking about bridges & tolls in today's press conference, because it's important. Tolls on existing bridges for a spaghetti-junction reconfiguration the community does not want, is just misguided.

Here's coverage of the press conference by the CJ's Marcus Green: LINK

5.11.10 6:44pm Update: Just found this video from Jim Pence with Hillbilly Report from last week's Bi-State Authority meeting.

Yes, the threat is real.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Which CJ version is meant for you?

Our Champion, Tyler Allen, was introduced satirically by Joe Arnold at this morning's Breakfast of Champions Breakfast, held at the U of L's University Center, as "Courier-Journal's favorite candidate" to which Tyler victoriously raised both hands high. An applause ensued.

In case you missed it Sunday, the Courier Journal Editorial Board predictably endorsed Greg Fischer as their Democratic candidate for mayor of Louisville. Depending on how you get your news, you received a different version of the message. The print version included a very different version than was subjected to online readers, more likely to be Tyler's followers. All in all, there were 11 significant varations between the story. One sentence online readers intended for at-home subscribers only, clearly stands out:
"He is unsuited for the job of mayor."
2 audiences, 2 separate messages. This is just the latest example of the Courier Journal Editorial Board's practice of controlling information to promote the agenda of a very few.


Other discrepancies are more peculiar. In the paper, Fischer "makes a compelling case that he is the candidate best-suited..." but online he "makes a credible case." (This staffer doesn't think he makes either.) With Tandy, the CJ chose to communicate only to online readers that he has "not raised money to have a presence on television" while in print they write "he has not raised enough money to make himself a serious contender..." With King, they used the word "deceptively" in printed version, and "erroneously" online. See a pattern? They're being meaner in the printed version. Why?

Look for Tyler's rebuttal in the CJ later in the week. They've limited him to 200 words or less. No word yet on whether his word count can be more 8 words more for the print edition.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Eric Hansen tells "Why Tyler" for Louisville Mayor 2010

Nice little endorsement yesterday from Eric Hansen, AIA...

Also, we'll be canvassing tonight in the West End and in the Highlands. For more information about how you can help, check out our canvassing schedule or contact Curt Morrison 502-403-9498, curt@tyler4mayor.com!

Also, the campaign now has a BIG TRUCK! YAY!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sign Fun in Indiana!

No Tolls Press Conference this Morning

Candidates Jackie Green, Shannon White, Chris Thieneman, and Jonathan Robertson joined Tyler Allen at a press conference this morning before the Bi-State Authority meeting. The press conference was organized by the group "Say No to Tolls."

Today's meeting had a different format than the last one, with public input coming last after the meeting. Most of the networks were there this morning so check out tonight's news! Marcus Green with the CJ already has put up a little on it: LINK

Monday, May 3, 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

There is a better way.

Friday, April 23, 2010

We Need to Invest in the Future.

More Pix From Thunder!

All these awesome photos are compliments of photographer Joey Wilkinson, pro-bono!

Tyler Allen Caring about Southwest Issues

Councilman Rick Blackwell hosted a mayoral forum focusing on Southwest Louisville issues on April 20th. As you can see, it was PACKED, and Tyler stayed until then. The pic with janitor, not staged. He's always the last one to leave. All these awesome photos are compliments of photographer Joey Wilkinson, pro-bono!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We can do better

Tyler Allen and a couple staffers made it to St. Louis Monday morning, and this is what they discovered:

Monday, April 19, 2010

GLABSE Mayoral Forum

The Greater Louisville Alliance of Black School Educators hosted a mayoral forum tonight. They are the local affiliate of the National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE). Founded in 1970, NABSE is a non-profit organization that is devoted to furthering the academic success of the nation's children, especially those children of African descent. The organization has 5,000 members, with nearly 100 local affiliates.

The purpose of GLABSE is to improve, promote, and facilitate the education of all students, and particularly Black students; to establish a coalition of Black educators and others directly or indirectly involved in the educaitonal process; to create a forum for the exchange of ideas and strategies to improve education for Black students; to influence public policy concerning the education of Black People.