Wednesday, March 31, 2010

There is a better way

In case you want the back-story, the neighborhood toured is located off Cane Run Road in Southwest Jefferson County.

Read what the Leo's Phillip Bailey has to say already about our little video: LINK
4.1.2010 Update
Look what they're saying on the 'Ville Voice: LINK

Forecastle Press Conference

Okay, this has nothing to do with the mayor race. Well, sort of nothing. I mean, when Tyler becomes mayor, groovy stuff like the Forecastle Festival, and it's creative superstar founder, J.K. McKnight, will be nourished and encouraged. It's part of unleashing the talent we already have here...

David Karem, president and executive director of Waterfront Development Corporation, announced today that this year's festival will be held on Waterfront Park. That's awesome, because Waterfront Park is awesome (See 8664).

J.K. McKnight announced the headliners this year will be Flaming Lips, Widespread Panic and Spoon. There will be 60 other performers, too! More headliners will be announced in April. J.K. also revealed this year's Forecastle poster, too!

More info at Louisville's own music and arts scene blog: backseat sandbar

Assumption Forum

Louisville Mojo covered the first mayor forum yesterday at Assumption High School, sponsored by Rosecall, their student newspaper.

"Allen: Says 'don't ruin our spectacular waterfront with the Ohio River Bridges Project.' He says that 'knowing what we know about the future of transportation,' building the downtown bridge is a terrible idea. 'Changing the plan would put Louisville on the map,' he said."
Here's the rest of the THOROUGH coverage by John Lafollette: LINK

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

U of L Mayoral Forum

That's what happened at UofL's Mayoral Forum on Sustainability & Economic Development, which was moderated by Mark Hebert, UofL's director of media relations.

After the candidates got the opportunity to answer a question regarding climate change in their own words, Hebert cut to the point by asking all candidates who believe that climate change exists to raise their hand. Only candidate Hal Heiner did not, and although he's a little misguided on this, our campaign does give him kudo's for not pandering at least.

To the right, Tyler is pictured with University of Louisville Junior & hipster Alex Stambaugh, who is still undecided, but diligently doing his research.

In another frank question on race, a student asked "How will you ensure black people are not overlooked?" Like most of the candidates, our guy had a lot to say about this. But he was specific in noting that:
"You don't give private company complete control of entire city block..."
He was referring, of course, to how the current administration, including the Metro Council, has allowed the Cordish development group to assert private control and a dress code, over Fourth Street Live. (Three of the Mayor-candidates present are also members of that Metro Council.)

Some video footage of the forum may follow in the future. Campaign staffer very sleepy and zzzzzzzzzzzzz...

3.31.10 8:30 am Update:
Coverage by Dan Klepal with the Courier-Journal: LINK
4.01.10 9:27 pm Update:
Coverage by blogger Sarah Lynn Cunningham with LINK

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Partners for Progress Mayoral Candidate Forum

During the Partners for Progress Mayoral Candidate Forum today, Tyler talked about a host of issues affecting Louisville & the West end, specifically, but was quoted by the Courier-Journal on just one, their favorite:
"Businessman Tyler Allen, another Democrat, has been a leader of the group 8664, which advocates a surface-level parkway downtown to replace Interstate 64 and building one new Ohio River bridge — in eastern Jefferson County — and not a downtown span.

He told the forum that it’s time for 'new perspectives' on problems and issues. He said he doesn’t want unelected boards to make decisions on issues — such whether to use tolls to pay for new bridges — that affect everyone."

Here's the full story: LINK. While transportation is not the only issue that our candidate cares about, it's a pretty vital issue to Louisville's future, and there's absolutely nothing wrong for being the smartest guy in the room on that subject. In fact, it's a good thing. That parkway that the story gave mention to, well, it would be a graceful tool for connecting our community. Here's what it would look like:

Pete Kirven tells us "Why Tyler" for Mayor in 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

F.A.T. Friday Volunteers make commercial!

Yes, volunteers are allowed to make commercials. You'll find this kind of innovation only on the Tyler4Mayor campaign, though.

We were stoked to find out tonight that Crescent Hill and Clifton are overflowing with Tyler Allen for Mayor supporters! Like everyone wanted a sticker! And the couple folks that just wanted literature and no sticker, well, we know they're probably at home kicking themselves for not getting the sticker when they could have. It's okay, there's always more opportunities to get stickers:

Saturday, March 27, 945AM-  NOON
N.P.P Planning Group Meeting, St. Joseph's Church

Wednesday, March 31, 6:30PM-8PM

GLOW Mayoral Forum, Clifton Center, 2117 Payne St.

Saturday, April 3, 11AM-4PM

Muth's Candy- AGAIN!

If you didn't know from the blog Allen Family on the Campaign Trail, already, Tyler is a regular a patron of Muth's Candy.

Today, he exposed yours truly (Curtis Morrison, volunteer coordinator for the campaign) to this community treasure! How cool is it that we have a candy store in town that's been around since 1921? How clueless am I not to know about it until today?

So here's a shout-out, if you need Easter candy, they appear to be stocked and waiting. While you're in Butchertown, stop by our headquarters a block away at 600 E. Main and say HI! You could pick up a sign, drop off a donation (or even goodies from Muth's), even sign up for a volunteer opportunity or shift in the headquarters! You know you want to!

A couple reminders about the weekend:

Tonight: Friday, 3/26, is F.A.T. Friday Hop on Frankfort Avenue. Meet us at Carmichael's, 2720 Frankfort Ave at 6 pm if you want to help us distribute Tyler Allen for Mayor stickers and literature. You'll probably even get a T-shirt! Facebook Event: LINK

Saturday, 3/27, 945 am-NOON
N.P.P Planning Group Meeting, St. Joseph's Church, 1406 E. Washington St.
This is a public meeting to discuss the status of the Ohio River Bridges Project (ORBP). Presenting will be J.C. Stites of 8664 and Steve Wiser, AIA, who both have different perspectives on what we could do to lessen the costs of the ORBP, the prospect of tolling, and ensuring the East End Bridge is built as soon as possible. Tyler himself will be at a mayoral forum until near the end of the event, but we feel it's important to encourage community involvement in this important discussion. Get there at 9:45 am if you want to help Curt & Andy hand out stickers!
Facebook Event: LINK

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tyler on Accountability

Tyler talks about open and transparency in our city government in front of Metro Hall following the state audit findings.

The buck will stop with me.

Tyler Allen held a press conference this morning on the release of the audit of Louisville by State Auditor Crit Luallen. Find out more here.

Following the audit's release, here's the letter Tyler sent out to supporters today:
Dear Supporter,

It seems appropriate after this weekend's CJ story on the state audit of the city to talk to you about openness and transparency in our city government and community decisions. Now is a really important time for all our citizens to pitch in and help solve the problems facing our city. But, if people feel they can't trust how decisions are being made or how their tax money is being spent, then it's hard for them to feel engaged.

After so long with the same people running the show, it's understandable that folks would be disengaged and mistrustful (and yes, still undecided). Citizens want answers. Are city agencies tracking and spending tax dollars wisely? Why was a contract with Cordish approved that doesn't permit us to audit how they spend city money? How did income from the city-owned Slugger Field fund a downtown development agency without Metro Council approval? An unelected committee was allowed to choose an arena site that cost an extra $115 million? People are frustrated, as they should be.

And now we have an unelected tolling authority, lobbied for by our Mayor and rubber stamped by our Metro Council. This Tolling Authority has been given the power to impose what could be one of the largest tax increases in our history to pay for the obscenely expensive $2 billion, 23-lane wide Spaghetti Junction...just so we can finally build an East End Bridge. Enough is enough.

On my watch this won't be the way things work. We won't be lead by unelected committees designed to shield our elected leaders from responsibility. As your Mayor, I will step up and lead. I will put forth a vision and build a consensus to get things done. The buck will stop with me.

If this is the kind of leadership you've been waiting for, then I need your help to win this race. My track record of standing up to powerful interests is what distinguishes me from the field. Please join my team now.


Click here, to join Team Tyler and elect the leader that stands up to powerful interests.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Tyler completed the Rodes City Run this morning with a great chip time of 56:20! For those of you that are following the mayor race really closely, you'll immediately notice that Tyler ran 9.1 minute/miles this morning. Looking back to March 6, you'll remember he ran that 5K with 8.8 minute/miles.

So now he's running a distance twice as long, yet keeping up the same speed. It's that kind of energy, enthusiasm and endurance we need in a mayor. UNSTOPPABLE MOMENTUM. A feature you'll find this primary only in the Tyler Allen for Mayor Campaign.

Friday, March 19, 2010

duPont Manual Teen Forum / Deep Down Documentary

Thursday Tyler attended the Manual High School Teen Mayor Forum, covered by WFPL: (LINK), and by John LaFollette with louisvillemojo: (LINK) One student present, Lilly, told Tyler he was the sassiest candidate and she liked that. SWEET! Here's two pictures from the forum.

Tyler also stopped in Friday night to see a viewing of the movie Deep Down Documentary, sponsored by KFTC.

KFTC board member Becki Winchel said she really appreciated him not only coming for the movie, but staying around for the panel discussion, too. To find out more about the amazing work of KFTC, check out their website: (LINK)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tyler Allen Show

The campaign likes to call it the "Weekly USTREAM Broadcast"- but I just don't think that's as fun as the "Tyler Allen Show." What do you think?

Today's broadcast was a little short. Tyler was rushed because this broadcast followed his attendance at the Manual High School Teen Mayor Forum, covered by WFPL: (LINK). Some of the students present told Tyler he was the sassiest candidate and they liked that. SWEET!

Tyler-tour of Elder Serve

On St. Patrick's Day, Tyler took a tour of Elder Serve at 28th and Magazine. Here's what he found out...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Allen & Thieneman

Tyler Allen and Chris Thieneman both were guests on the myviewmatters radio show tonight, hosted by Ed Martin and Ed Springston. Besides all 4 people in the room being on the ballot in this election, they are also all known for questioning authority, so it was a neat little group. Allen and Thieneman have stuff in common, like both are not liked by the Courier-Journal. Both want the East-end bridge built first.

One difference that sets these two candidates apart was made clear tonight:
Thieneman thinks Hal Heiner taking jobs to Indiana is a problem. Tyler is a regional thinker that realizes if we do what we are supposed to, there are jobs all over the place, and we don't have to be in-fighting within our own region.

Rick Redding followed along with a play by play. Go to here to see >
louisvillemojo And of course, a picture of Tyler between trouble-makers Ed Martin and Ed Springston.

------UPDATE MARCH 17, 11:27 PM----------
The radio show is now archived if you wanna go listen for yourself: myviewmatters
------UPDATE MARCH 18, 8:00 PM-----------
I incorrectly identified Rick Redding as the blogger that wrote about the show. It was, in fact, the talented John LaFollette. My apologies!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LEO Fatlip makes us crave ice cream /Urban League Forum Recap

The LEO's Jonathan Meador doesn't hold back, and we heart him for this so much we want to celebrate with ice cream and cookies. Here's a snip but check out the whole blog entry: (LINK)
"...In fact, so great is The Courier-Journal’s disdain for any thoughtful opposition to this terrible plan that they effectively fucked up their own “interview” with Democratic mayoral primary candidate (and co-founder of 8664) Tyler Allen. Earlier this morning, Allen was subjected to a half-hour’s worth of bridges-related questioning despite the fact that Allen could’ve probably talked about a lot of other things besides transportation, but whatever: The C-J was out for blood...."

Tyler Allen, who is used to a little bit of rough play from the Courier Journal, joined fellow candidates Greg Fischer, Lisa Moxley, Greg Fischer, Chris Theineman, Connie Marshall, Hal Heiner and Shannon White in a Tuesday-night forum sponsored by the Urban League and hosted by Meyzeek Middle School. Among other things, Tyler got a chance to stress the two highlights of his recently-introduced education plan: "Beginning with the end in mind," which is about helping parents with educating our children before they hit public school, and with the transition into education or the workforce after they graduate.

Kudo's to those that produced this forum because it was really efficient and smooth. (BTW, if you are curious how the Meyzeek banner in this picture was printed right here in Louisville, check out this video: Tyler Tour of USA Technologies.)

----------------------MARCH 17 8:44 AM UPDATE---------------
Dan Klepal with the Courier-Journal covered the mayoral forum sponsored by the Urban League: (LINK) Here's a snip:
"Democrat Tyler Allen said the city has underperformed on job attraction for many years leading up to the recession. He said the key is investing in transportation, housing and education, which all will make Louisville a more attractive city to businesses and create jobs.

'We need a city that is open, inviting and exciting for people with new ideas,' Allen said."

-------------------MARCH 17, 11:49 AM UPDATE-----------
Rick Redding with Louisville Mojo weighs in with coverage of the Urban League event, too: (LINK)

-------------------MARCH 18, 8:00 PM UPDATE-----------
It was not Redding from louisvillemojo that wrote about this forum, but John LaFollette. My apologies!

Tyler-tour of USA Image Technologies

Tyler Allen gives a tour of USA Image Technologies...

CJ interview gets a little WILD

Our candidate, Tyler Allen, had an hour-long interview today with the Courier-Journal. Kudo's to the CJ for broadcasting the interview live and online this year. If the CJ puts it up in their "ON DEMAND" videos, here's a link of where it might be:LINK

If you aren't following LEO reporter, Phillip Bailey on twitter, NOW is the time to start:
Here's a couple of his tweets while watching the interview live:

If @courierjournal's editorial board grilled Mayor Abramson, GLI, LMPD, etc. like it just did @tylerformayor this would be a better city. about 2 hours ago via web Retweeted by you and 4 others

On Allen's background: Ur not an outsider — @tylerformayor: I'm someone with great privilege who has been able to see other points of view. about 2 hours ago via web

Do u support student assignment plan? — @tylerformayor: There's a role for the mayor ... but I will let school board deal w/ it first. about 2 hours ago via web

As expected the @tylerformayor interview w/ @courierjournal's editorial board is getting argumentative about bridges project. about 2 hours ago via web Retweeted by you and 1 other

As expected the @tylerformayor interview w/ @courierjournal's editorial board is getting argumentative about bridges project. about 2 hours ago via web Retweeted by you and 1 other

Should bridge funding be put to a vote? — @tylerformayor: I think it's an appropriate thing ... I'm comfortable with that. Yes. about 2 hours ago via web

What power would you yield to bi-state authority? — @tylerformayor: I don't think they should be given charge to levy taxes (tolling). about 2 hours ago via web

On downtown bridge, shouldn't that decision be bi-state authority? — @tylerformayor: No it's not...need 2 have it called by council vote. about 3 hours ago via web

On experience and being first time candidate — @tylerformayor: I've been engaged with this community longer than any candidate in this race. about 3 hours ago via web

To the editorial board — @tylerformayor: I bring generational change ... and challenge powerful interests. about 3 hours ago via web

Who else knew @tylerformayor taught 4th grade in New Orleans in the early 90s? Uh-oh I can already hear it now. "Did he meet Lil Wayne?" smh about 3 hours ago via web

They're all nice, but @tylerformayor interview w/ @courierjournal's editorial board could be Ali v. Frazier — for nerds about 3 hours ago via web

Here at T4M Headquarters, we were surprised the CJ wanted to talk about bridges for 38 minutes, or 63% of the interview. There are other issues that the community cares about. Geez, this isn't a one-issue race, guys.

Also, Tyler talked to WHAS 11 from our headquarters yesterday about his reaction to the WHAS 11/ Courier-Journal Bluegrass Poll:


The CJ did put up today's interview with Tyler up on their "ON DEMAND" feature.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Kudo's for Ed's love

Ed Springston, in his coverage of the WHAS & CJ Poll- wrote some SWEET things about our candidate:
"And that brings us to Tyler Allen.

Tyler is probably the class of this field on the Democratic side. Knowledgeable, forward thinking, and not part of the machine. Though he has been portrayed as a one trick pony by the Courier because of 8664 nothing can be further from the truth.

Check out his live show each week online and get involved with him. He is certainly the best choice in this Democratic field in my opinion."

See Ed's entire story at LINK. Tyler will be a guest on Ed's radio show, myviewmatters, this Wednesday night at 7 PM. Tune in at 1080 AM!

The FOX 41 Tyler Allen Interview

Bennett Haeberle, with FOX 41, set down and interviewed Tyler a couple weeks ago.

Smart talk about big visions like challenging the Ohio River Bridges Project, focusing on economic development, building the East-end bridge, re-connecting West Louisville, accountability of the tolling authority, and community conversations in general ensued. (LINK). Here's the clip:

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tyler catchin' some tunes...

Company of Thieves actually rocked out at Ear-X-Tacy on Saturday before the St. Patrick's parade.

Tyler Allen for Mayor Campaign volunteer, music enthusiast, and overall swell dude, James Harvey, sent us this pic showing just how groovy our candidate is.


Didn't see the Tyler Allen Campaign in the St. Patrick's parade? That's because we just plain weren't in it. We thought about perching Tyler up on the back of a green hybrid convertible but we couldn't find one. And besides, Tyler likes to listen, and that's hard to do when you're in a parade.

So we were on the sidewalks talking to folks. There are a lot of undecided voters out there, so we were asking them questions and finding out what they needed to know to make their decisions. Some needed literature, some want to go home and hop online. A couple thought our buttons or bumper stickers were cool and that was good enough for them. (We didn't complain.)

Even the Tyler Allen Campaign has some blooper moments that probably should not have been photographed, but in the interest of transparency, here you go...

Whatever YOU need to know from us, to make YOUR decision, let us know. Comment here, drop us an email at, call the office at (502) 742-8252, or drop in and see us! We don't bite! We're located in the Billy Goat Strut building at 600 E. Main Street, and we're hot to trot to find more volunteers like YOU!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Education Press Conference Footage!

If you're looking for a bumper sticker, or a piece of our slick new literature, look for us at Saturday's St. Patrick's parade in the Highlands.

We won't be in the parade, but on the sidewalk talking to folks. Look for us! (We'll be the crew trying to make black and blue coordinate with green.)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Tyler announced his vision for education in Louisville, today. at his business, USA Image Technologies. Tyler chose to announce the plan there because, as he said "the work of education is to nurture and shape our next generation into engaged, productive citizens.”

Tyler’s view of education can be summed up as follows:
· Build from the ground up: Early childhood is the most critical time in the development of the skills children need in order to learn and get along through life. To me, that means the next Mayor of Louisville needs to ensure that we are doing all that we can to move Pre-K education into our childcare system. This is a base on which all later education will be formulated and it is incredibly difficult and expensive to repair later. As Mayor, Tyler will:

§ Work to make sure every child in our community is prepared to succeed, and to do this will form an Early Childhood Education Council made up of the people and organizations who are delivering childcare and pre-education in our community.
§ Work to fully implement the STARS Rating System for early childhood and demand that our providers in this community live up to the highest expectations.
§ Identify resources for funding early childhood education and then deploy them in way s to move real education into the childcare system.
· Make the transitions well: We must know how prepared our children are when they enter the K-12 education system. That way we can better understand the performance of our schools and realistically demand the best. At each transition, we must know the starting point of each child to know if they are being well served in our system.
· Support our schools to ensure outcomes: The Mayor of Louisville does not run our public school system. They are run by an elected School Board and their delegate the Superintendent. It will not be my roll to tell them how to do their job. However, as Mayor I will:
§ Support the children and parents who are in our schools.
§ Help the schools do their job.
§ Work with our delegation in Frankfort to ensure JCPS gets the resources needed to education our future generations.
§ Support and expand the Community Schools’ program though JCPS, where schools in our neighborhoods stay open after school hours to provide educational programs tailored to the needs of the specific community.
§ Work to bring our schools and our neighborhoods together.
§ Focus on redevelopment efforts around the areas schools stand.
§ Leverage the significant community investment in our schools to drive investment in the community around the schools.
· Make a promise to our students to ensure their success: The largest value we can provide is producing educated, productive members of the workforce. As Mayor, I will:
§ Propose the Promise Louisville Program based on efforts pioneered in places like Kalamazoo, MI, Pittsburgh, PA, and Denver, CO. This Program is predicated on a two-pronged strategy: The first is to give students the college/workforce/life counseling early in high school to assist them in making the right choices in high school so they will be prepared to succeed. The second is to fund last dollars in scholarships so to ensure that a Bachelors Degree, Associates Degree, Professional Certification or other workforce ready training is affordable to everyone in our City.
§ Work with JCTCS to ensure that our students headed to college can get a head start by maximizing Dual Enrollment.
§ Support the principles of “Move On When Ready” allowing for students to move along in their career preparedness path as soon as they are ready; which means perhaps skipping their Senior Year to start working toward their goals.
§ Continue supporting our universities In their efforts for translational research to drive breakthroughs that can turn into new companies in Louisville.
§ Engage the “Creative Class” of scientists, researchers, doctors and engineers that call this City home.
§ Support and work to expand “Work to Education” initiatives like Metropolitan College.

As Mayor, Tyler knows that outcomes matter. According to Tyler, “We will ask the right questions. We will step up with City resources. Being known as a city where education matters is critically important to all our aspirations for economic growth and competitiveness in the years to come. When I am Mayor we will be known for education.”

Kudo's to WFPL's Gabe Bullard for being the first to report on the plan.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Tyler will be announcing his strategy for high quality education and workforce development today, March 11th at 1pm. He will unveil his initiatives and strategies to achieve excellence in education and workforce development.

According to Tyler, "Louisville is not going to be able to sustain or attract the jobs of the future if we don’t have a workforce that is ready for those jobs. That begins by providing a strong start for our youngest citizens, and goes all the way to providing our students with the resources they need to afford a post-secondary education."

The initiative will be released at Tyler's business, USA Image Technologies, located at 2109 Watterson Trail. Hope you can make it by!

View Larger Map

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

TARC's First Public Meeting

TARC held their first public meeting today to discuss the new proposed route changes for June 2010. The only elected officials that were present were one member of Metro Council, and Bullitt county's County Judge/Executive Melanie Roberts. Of course, wild horses couldn't have kept candidates for Louisville mayorTyler Allen or Jackie Green from showing up to such an important discussion. There was also impressive representation from the press.

TARC Director Barry Barker took questions as they occurred. He set the tone up front when he said "I wouldn't waste my time or your time if we weren't willing to listen." He was authentic with his please encouraging everyone present to "please express those frustrations."

One of the attendees from Bullitt county, which made up a pretty good chunk of the audience asked why some express routes like #66, were targeted more than others, like the one to Oldham County. Barker answered "We didn't say we were cutting all express routes."

Another attendee, Dreema Jackson, expressed frustration to Tyler after the meeting about the cuts. "That's the easiest thing to do. Not the only thing to do" she said.

This meeting was called together because of a crisis. One that could have been avoided with long-term thinking and planning. Tyler's committed to comprehensive regional transportation. A big key to that is modern transportation like mass transit/light rail. It's time our city began planning more progressive transportation options, and find out new ways to keep existing ones available. If you couldn't make today's event, there's another one tonight, and even more in the coming days> Here they are:

Tuesday, March 9

5- 7 p.m.
Americana Community Center
4801 Southside Dr

Wednesday March 10

11 a.m. to 1 p.m
Bon Air Library
2816 Del Rio Place

11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
New Albany - Floyd County Public Library
180 West Spring St
New Albany, IN

5-7 p.m.
East End Government Center
200 Juneau Dr

Thursday March 11

5-7 p.m.
Union Station
1000 W. Broadway

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Triple Crown- Anthem 5k Fitness Classic

Tyler ran the Anthem 5k Fitness Classic this morning. The Anthem 5k is the first of three races. The other two races are the Rodes City Run (10K) on Saturday, March 20 and the Papa John’s 10 Miler Saturday, April 3. Net proceeds from the race are donated to the WHAS Crusade for Children. Louisville Triple Crown of Running has contributed over $600,000 to the Crusade for Children since they got it going in 1984

We might as well come clean before the press digs this up. He didn't win the Anthem 5k. Not even close. His time was 27:40. Um, for a 5K? The winner, Wesley Korir, finished in 14:35. The fastest woman was Mason Cathey, finishing in at 16:57.

Our guess here at headquarters is that such a beautiful morning had our leader distracted envisioning a beautiful future for Louisville.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sisterbeans Coffee House!

Sisterbeans Coffee House (I WARNED YOU!) located at 4956 Manslick Road will host Tyler Allen's next LIVE webcast Wednesday Feb. 3th at 12:30PM. The event is open to the public both at Sisterbeans Coffee House and online at Tyler's Channel:

Tyler will be discussing issues affecting Louisville's South-end, and sharing his ideas for real growth for our city, and answering any questions. You can communicate from the Ustream, or send in your questions via twitter: