Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bridges Press Conference

8664 released the results of their Mayoral Candidate Transportation Questionnaire today! Check it out at 8664.org. Lookie how they organized the responses in a table that clearly show Tyler Allen is the most-visionary candidate in the race. We didn't ask them to do this, either. It just works out like that, because, well, you know, he is.

Incidentally, Tyler Allen was actually talking about bridges & tolls in today's press conference, because it's important. Tolls on existing bridges for a spaghetti-junction reconfiguration the community does not want, is just misguided.

Here's coverage of the press conference by the CJ's Marcus Green: LINK

5.11.10 6:44pm Update: Just found this video from Jim Pence with Hillbilly Report from last week's Bi-State Authority meeting.

Yes, the threat is real.

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