Monday, February 8, 2010

Gloves coming off...

Check out what the bloggers are saying about the Feb. 5th Courier-Journal editorial suggesting the mayoral candidates "get with the plan" and declaring that "the community should insist that candidates who aspire to city and state leadership fully embrace the bridges project."

Tyler takes on the C-J, Bridge issue by Rick Redding with louisvillemojo

"Tyler Allen: "We cannot set our city back just because very powerful people do not want an East End Bridge." by NA Confidential

Tyler issued this letter this morning, calling for supporters of to express their opinions to the CJ with letters: link. Folks could also submit their opinions to the Leo, by emailing the editor, Sarah Kelley at

Update: Also check out The C-J Editorial Board doesn't seem to understand that the East End Bridge is scheduled first in the Bridges Project by Steve Magruder,

Update #2: Also check out Tyler Allen Responds to CJ Editorial by Ed Springston of Louisville News and Politics

Update #3: Tyler Allen Responds To C-J Editorial by Gabe Bullard with WFPL

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