Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's next with the Bi-State Authority?

"...What Allen, Green and (to a lesser extent) White understand that their better-polling peers do not is that the bridges project isn’t just about bridges: It encompasses more elements of mayoral purview than any of the other manufactured “issues” that have so far dominated this race..." - Jonathan Meador, LEO Weekly

When we saw Jonathan show up to cover the last NPP meeting, we knew a fiery follow-up would ensue. Go to HERE for his entire coverage of the event that was hosted at St. Joseph's in Butchertown just over a week ago.

So what's next?...Well, we figured since the Bi-State (TOLLING) Authority is MAKING DECISIONS ON THE MOST VITAL ISSUE FACING LOUISVILLE'S FUTURE, it would be kind of important to attend the meeting.

We are hosting a coffee and donut reception at our campaign headquarters, 600 E. Main St. (the old Billy Goat Strut Building), Thursday from 8:30 am- 9am, then we'll be carpooling to New Albany to attend the meeting that starts at 10 am and supposed to be over by Noon. If you want to carpool with us, by all means come on down. (Candidate or party affiliation doesn't matter!) RSVP on facebook if ya wanna see who else is coming: LINK

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