Sunday, January 24, 2010

1/2 to Forecastle

“Halfway to Forecastle” was a mini-fest Saturday night that featured an all-electronic music line-up for the first time in the festival’s history, with artists performing on three stages inside THE POINTE. It was pretty AMAZING. For one, it was SOLD OUT! Very awesome!

Neither Tyler, nor I, had the foresight to have tickets which was a bit of a crisis until we ran into to Tyler Allen-Supporter James Harvey- who is helping to coordinate a most-fierce effort with Brycc House and LIVEFEED Louisville for Haiti Relief. (If you haven't heard about this, CHECK IT OUT NOW.) Anyway- I'm not sure of how it happened but he got us in. We spent a great deal of time at that table learning about all things Brycc House and their Haiti Relief Effort (Our New Campaign Headquarters is a drop-off point btw for stuff to go to Haiti. Not on the list I found out about last night, used suitcases with wheels to put the stuff in. Also, blankets and shoes can be used, as long as they're clean.) What an AMAZING organization, but that's another entry.

In the back, there were eleventy-million people having nothing but fun. Yes- In Louisville: dancing, drinking and socializing- simultaneously. Wow! Funniest moment was while in VIP Section, I whisper to BEAUTIFUL LADY "You just met Louisville's next Mayor!" and while nice, she seemed mysteriously unimpressed. Only when she comes on stage later in night do we realize she is, the talented Melisa Young, aka Kid Sister, and probably more famous than a Mayor of Louisville will ever be.

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