Friday, January 29, 2010

LGBT-Fundraiser ROCKED!

Jeffrey Tate and Brad Taylor opened their home off Frankfort Avenue this evening for over sixty LGBT-folks and their allies who showed up to express their support for Louisville's next Mayor. So many questions-here's a few:

A few members of the audience were employees of the Metro Government, and they asked if Tyler would support domestic-partnership benefits for city employees.
Tyler's answer: "Yes I will."
How will you use your position as Mayor to spread what's good about Louisville to the rest of the state, like our Fairness protections for example? - Jeff Rodgers
Tyler's Answer: "Louisville need to take more of a leadership position in the state. I have lobbied in Frankfort for the last few years and found that our city isn't seen as a leader by the state. Not only is there there a disconnect from the rest of the state, but there's even a disconnect between Metro Council and Louisville's delegation in Frankfort. We need to be working together first, if we ever expect to play a leadership role in the state."

"How can we, as talented, smart and creative people- help you win? - Doug Lowry
Tyler's Answer: "Talk to your friends, get a yard sign, and share some of your ideas and good fortune with the campaign."

Special guests even included Metro Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh. She's so fierce.

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