Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The buck will stop with me.

Tyler Allen held a press conference this morning on the release of the audit of Louisville by State Auditor Crit Luallen. Find out more here.

Following the audit's release, here's the letter Tyler sent out to supporters today:
Dear Supporter,

It seems appropriate after this weekend's CJ story on the state audit of the city to talk to you about openness and transparency in our city government and community decisions. Now is a really important time for all our citizens to pitch in and help solve the problems facing our city. But, if people feel they can't trust how decisions are being made or how their tax money is being spent, then it's hard for them to feel engaged.

After so long with the same people running the show, it's understandable that folks would be disengaged and mistrustful (and yes, still undecided). Citizens want answers. Are city agencies tracking and spending tax dollars wisely? Why was a contract with Cordish approved that doesn't permit us to audit how they spend city money? How did income from the city-owned Slugger Field fund a downtown development agency without Metro Council approval? An unelected committee was allowed to choose an arena site that cost an extra $115 million? People are frustrated, as they should be.

And now we have an unelected tolling authority, lobbied for by our Mayor and rubber stamped by our Metro Council. This Tolling Authority has been given the power to impose what could be one of the largest tax increases in our history to pay for the obscenely expensive $2 billion, 23-lane wide Spaghetti Junction...just so we can finally build an East End Bridge. Enough is enough.

On my watch this won't be the way things work. We won't be lead by unelected committees designed to shield our elected leaders from responsibility. As your Mayor, I will step up and lead. I will put forth a vision and build a consensus to get things done. The buck will stop with me.

If this is the kind of leadership you've been waiting for, then I need your help to win this race. My track record of standing up to powerful interests is what distinguishes me from the field. Please join my team now.


Click here, to join Team Tyler and elect the leader that stands up to powerful interests.

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