Friday, March 26, 2010

Muth's Candy- AGAIN!

If you didn't know from the blog Allen Family on the Campaign Trail, already, Tyler is a regular a patron of Muth's Candy.

Today, he exposed yours truly (Curtis Morrison, volunteer coordinator for the campaign) to this community treasure! How cool is it that we have a candy store in town that's been around since 1921? How clueless am I not to know about it until today?

So here's a shout-out, if you need Easter candy, they appear to be stocked and waiting. While you're in Butchertown, stop by our headquarters a block away at 600 E. Main and say HI! You could pick up a sign, drop off a donation (or even goodies from Muth's), even sign up for a volunteer opportunity or shift in the headquarters! You know you want to!

A couple reminders about the weekend:

Tonight: Friday, 3/26, is F.A.T. Friday Hop on Frankfort Avenue. Meet us at Carmichael's, 2720 Frankfort Ave at 6 pm if you want to help us distribute Tyler Allen for Mayor stickers and literature. You'll probably even get a T-shirt! Facebook Event: LINK

Saturday, 3/27, 945 am-NOON
N.P.P Planning Group Meeting, St. Joseph's Church, 1406 E. Washington St.
This is a public meeting to discuss the status of the Ohio River Bridges Project (ORBP). Presenting will be J.C. Stites of 8664 and Steve Wiser, AIA, who both have different perspectives on what we could do to lessen the costs of the ORBP, the prospect of tolling, and ensuring the East End Bridge is built as soon as possible. Tyler himself will be at a mayoral forum until near the end of the event, but we feel it's important to encourage community involvement in this important discussion. Get there at 9:45 am if you want to help Curt & Andy hand out stickers!
Facebook Event: LINK

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