Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Allen & Thieneman

Tyler Allen and Chris Thieneman both were guests on the myviewmatters radio show tonight, hosted by Ed Martin and Ed Springston. Besides all 4 people in the room being on the ballot in this election, they are also all known for questioning authority, so it was a neat little group. Allen and Thieneman have stuff in common, like both are not liked by the Courier-Journal. Both want the East-end bridge built first.

One difference that sets these two candidates apart was made clear tonight:
Thieneman thinks Hal Heiner taking jobs to Indiana is a problem. Tyler is a regional thinker that realizes if we do what we are supposed to, there are jobs all over the place, and we don't have to be in-fighting within our own region.

Rick Redding followed along with a play by play. Go to here to see >
louisvillemojo And of course, a picture of Tyler between trouble-makers Ed Martin and Ed Springston.

------UPDATE MARCH 17, 11:27 PM----------
The radio show is now archived if you wanna go listen for yourself: myviewmatters
------UPDATE MARCH 18, 8:00 PM-----------
I incorrectly identified Rick Redding as the blogger that wrote about the show. It was, in fact, the talented John LaFollette. My apologies!

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