Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LEO Fatlip makes us crave ice cream /Urban League Forum Recap

The LEO's Jonathan Meador doesn't hold back, and we heart him for this so much we want to celebrate with ice cream and cookies. Here's a snip but check out the whole blog entry: (LINK)
"...In fact, so great is The Courier-Journal’s disdain for any thoughtful opposition to this terrible plan that they effectively fucked up their own “interview” with Democratic mayoral primary candidate (and co-founder of 8664) Tyler Allen. Earlier this morning, Allen was subjected to a half-hour’s worth of bridges-related questioning despite the fact that Allen could’ve probably talked about a lot of other things besides transportation, but whatever: The C-J was out for blood...."

Tyler Allen, who is used to a little bit of rough play from the Courier Journal, joined fellow candidates Greg Fischer, Lisa Moxley, Greg Fischer, Chris Theineman, Connie Marshall, Hal Heiner and Shannon White in a Tuesday-night forum sponsored by the Urban League and hosted by Meyzeek Middle School. Among other things, Tyler got a chance to stress the two highlights of his recently-introduced education plan: "Beginning with the end in mind," which is about helping parents with educating our children before they hit public school, and with the transition into education or the workforce after they graduate.

Kudo's to those that produced this forum because it was really efficient and smooth. (BTW, if you are curious how the Meyzeek banner in this picture was printed right here in Louisville, check out this video: Tyler Tour of USA Technologies.)

----------------------MARCH 17 8:44 AM UPDATE---------------
Dan Klepal with the Courier-Journal covered the mayoral forum sponsored by the Urban League: (LINK) Here's a snip:
"Democrat Tyler Allen said the city has underperformed on job attraction for many years leading up to the recession. He said the key is investing in transportation, housing and education, which all will make Louisville a more attractive city to businesses and create jobs.

'We need a city that is open, inviting and exciting for people with new ideas,' Allen said."

-------------------MARCH 17, 11:49 AM UPDATE-----------
Rick Redding with Louisville Mojo weighs in with coverage of the Urban League event, too: (LINK)

-------------------MARCH 18, 8:00 PM UPDATE-----------
It was not Redding from louisvillemojo that wrote about this forum, but John LaFollette. My apologies!

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