Tuesday, March 30, 2010

U of L Mayoral Forum

That's what happened at UofL's Mayoral Forum on Sustainability & Economic Development, which was moderated by Mark Hebert, UofL's director of media relations.

After the candidates got the opportunity to answer a question regarding climate change in their own words, Hebert cut to the point by asking all candidates who believe that climate change exists to raise their hand. Only candidate Hal Heiner did not, and although he's a little misguided on this, our campaign does give him kudo's for not pandering at least.

To the right, Tyler is pictured with University of Louisville Junior & hipster Alex Stambaugh, who is still undecided, but diligently doing his research.

In another frank question on race, a student asked "How will you ensure black people are not overlooked?" Like most of the candidates, our guy had a lot to say about this. But he was specific in noting that:
"You don't give private company complete control of entire city block..."
He was referring, of course, to how the current administration, including the Metro Council, has allowed the Cordish development group to assert private control and a dress code, over Fourth Street Live. (Three of the Mayor-candidates present are also members of that Metro Council.)

Some video footage of the forum may follow in the future. Campaign staffer very sleepy and zzzzzzzzzzzzz...

3.31.10 8:30 am Update:
Coverage by Dan Klepal with the Courier-Journal: LINK
4.01.10 9:27 pm Update:
Coverage by blogger Sarah Lynn Cunningham with KentuckianaGreen.com: LINK

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